Sentree K.K. Client Case Study

Event Wireless Network Setup

for TEDxTokyo


Helping TEDxTokyo move seamlessly into a new venue.

In 2009, TEDxTokyo was an idea in need of a competent team to make it reality. Putting on an event that would support a community of global innovators and creative talent required the technical expertise and execution that could sustain many years of success. With each new venue, there was a need to leverage technology and push boundaries while pulling this vibrant community together. Most importantly, TEDxTokyo required live show production that synced with reliable internet and wireless for live video streaming, on demand video editing and uploads, and simulcasting to multiple viewing locations.

Act Square Mainstage
Miraikan Main Stage
Technical Desk at Hikarie

Hikarie Mainstage


Providing deployment, maintenance and support of enterprise wireless.

Sentree employed advanced software algorithms to predict how wireless will perform in the space before installation, as well as before the audience arrived. Wireless Design included consideration for the physical layout, participant application traffic data types and device density, and availability of LAN connections for access point radios, without hindering aesthetics and event security. Sentree also provided validation of wireless designs, temporary mounts of radios, testing radio powers, planning channels and monitoring frequency usage in all the various event spaces.

5Ghz Predictive Survey Heatmap


Delivering teleconference robots, live-streaming and on-demand video.

Sentree exceeded expectations by conducting pilots of teleconference robots that allow simulcast participants to interact with event attendees. This combined with robust connectivity for live streaming and on-demand video allowed the event to extend the excitement from the global community of TEDx innovators to thousands of online participants throughout Japan and the world. Sentree conducted predictive planning, onsite surveys, configurations, and deployment. Throughout the event, our steady maintenance and support ensured that the show would go on and on.

Simulcast Location
Partner Booth
Teleconference robot onstage
Internet, wireless, teleconference robot team

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