About Sentree

What makes us exceptional?

Exceptional Trust

Exceptional Knowledge

Exceptional Security

We call our certified IT consultants Growth Leaders. They specialize in finding creative solutions to enhance networks, streamline wireless systems, manage mobile platforms and care for cloud systems. Our Growth Leaders will visit your offices to provide personalized solutions, and for your most pressing needs, we are always just a call or email away.

How we can serve you

Sentree has three lines of IT services

1. IT system consulting, planning and management for small and medium enterprises in Japan.

2. Localized bilingual project support and maintenance teams for international Fortune 500 satellite offices in Japan.

3. Cybersecurity awareness training and consulting for businesses needing to mitigate risks to proprietary data, ensure client confidentiality, and address privacy law requirements.

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About Sentree's Founder

Jason Wik

Jason Wik's first discovery of the need for strong bilingual technology professionals in Japan started while doing desktop support inside some of Tokyo's best Telecoms and Securities firms. Having a design and publishing background before coming to Japan, he assembled teams to service fast moving creative organizations like ad agencies, PR firms, and event production houses. Being a dedicated father led to discovering the new world of EdTech and opened his mind to working with some of the most forward thinking educational institutions in the world as they sought to leverage the educational benefits of the broadening reach of mobile technology into our everyday lives. Discovering that advancing technology also brought opportunities to enhance creativity and problem solving as core skills made way for experiments in the rebirth of maker education.

Jason believes in the power of technology as a tool to amplify our potential in our careers when our tools are easy to use, it allows us to pay diligent attention to the details enhancing the quality of our work.

Jason says, "We are humbled by the incredible journey we've been invited to join alongside our wonderful clients for more than 10 years. The fact that they trust us to lead the management of such a critical part of their business is a testament to the fantastic group of engineers we have the pleasure of working with each day."

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