Inspiring growth through technology, security and education

What’s it take to grow a business or enterprise today?

For starters, it must include technology. Sentree can help you define your IT needs and understand your options. We can give you the power to grow by leveraging the convenience, speed and flexibility of technology.

What we can do for you

Our mission is to inspire growth through technology, security and education. We specialize in mobile work systems that leverage wireless technologies and Apple systems offering a wide array of IT services that support businesses of all kinds.

Ready to grow?

Ask us about our cost-efficient infrastructure design, personalized troubleshooting and training services. We are happy to develop a solution that meets your budget needs.


We’d like to dispel any rumours that creativity and technology are not compatible. We provide personalized, onsite services for streamlining data workflows and strengthening cyber security.

Your business is growing, but your IT needs to keep pace. How do you accelerate this trajectory without massive cost increases? First you need a consultant that carefully considers your needs and helps you to leverage technology and deepen team collaboration and efficiency.

[Wireless Event Case Study]


Designing better, more efficient IT systems for business and education.

Deadlines are always looming. Clients are waiting for results. To work effectively your staff demands IT efficiency, stability and security. We’ve got you covered.

[Office Infra Design and Maintenance Case Study]


Providing better ways for using technology to leverage mobility and streamline services by giving businesses the power to respond quickly to client requests. We have experience working with start-ups, venture capital backed firms and creative enterprises looking to expand.

[Wireless Network Design and Setup Case Study]