Welcome to the first seeds of Sentree.

At Sentree we take a large bite out of the learning curve for new technology, saving you time and money. We keep the technical jargon to a minimum and talk in terms you can really understand. The key to our approach is to remove bottlenecks, improve workflow and procedures through the use of technology, document configurations precisely, and leverage the expertise from specialists in their technical fields.

Our great team of Apple Integration Specialists can:

- smoothly integrate Mac computers and servers into a PC environment
- migrate you from an all-Windows PC environment to a Mac environment
- implement Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions for iPads and iPhones
- migrate in-house email systems to Gmail and Google Docs
- install a new Student Information System (SIS) for K-12 independent and international schools
- supply onsite or remote support from one or more of our engineers with expertise in IT Management, Project Management, Systems Administration, Network Administration, Database Administration, and/or Helpdesk support
- and much, much more.

We look forward to working with you!