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Mobile Device Management (MDM)

Setting up a newly purchased iPad or iPhone for personal use is a fairly easy task. What about setting up and managing 100 or 1,000 iPads or iPhones for a company?

At Sentree we can work with your company or organization to set up a managed or self-service approach to Mobile Device Management (MDM) which will reduce the effort required to deploy, configure, and manage the devices over time.

Mobile Device Management (MDM) delivers a comprehensive set of scalable management options that your IT Department can use to wirelessly configure and update settings, monitor compliance with corporate security policies, and even wipe or lock managed iPads or iPhones.

We can deploy MDM in environments where IT departments tightly control the management of devices and in self-service environments where end users who opt in can quickly configure services offered by IT.

Sentree can install and manage your MDM solution or we can work with your existing IT Department to train them how to support the Mobile Device Management solution for your company.